Can You Guarantee You Will Find My DD214?

In short, no, we can’t guarantee that we will find it. We can only guarantee that we will look for it, and give you a refund minus our processing fee if we can’t find it. Occasionally we come across customers who have been trying unsuccessfully to find their DD214’s for the past 25 years. They have been told by the National Archives, the VA, and everyone else they have asked, that their record is lost, or damaged, or was destroyed in the 1973 fire. These fine customers hire us to find their DD214’s and think that because they have paid our $89 fee, we can somehow force the government or the military or the VA to produce the DD214, which has been lost since 1942. These wonderful customers are invariably upset with us when we give them the bad news, that the DD214 is still lost, has been lost for 25 years, and that no force short of a miracle from God can produce it, because damn-it, they have paid the $89 and want the DD214 that we “promised” to produce. This FAQ is for them, because although we have produced several hundred thousand DD214’s for our customers over the past 15 years, we cannot guarantee that we will find yours, especially if it has been lost for 25 years, or was never created in the first place, because you served in the Army Reserve, while DD214’s are only created to document separation from active duty.

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