Can I Qualify for a VA Loan with My DD214?

A lot of customers contact us with questions about which documents they need to qualify for a VA loan. Here is a quick run-down of what you will need, based on whether you served on active duty status, reserve status, or in the Army or Air National Guard.

If you were active duty military and completed your term of service, you will qualify for a VA loan by providing the VA with a Certified Copy of your DD214. It doesn’t matter if you served for 20 plus years, or 8 months. If you enlisted and served on active duty, and were discharged after completing your term of service you can qualify for a VA loan with your DD 214.

If you served in the Reserve unless you were activated, you need to have completed six creditable years. You prove your creditable reserve time with your Retirement Points Statement, and a copy of either your DD256 (Honorable Discharge Certificate) or your Reserve Discharge Order. If you were a reservist, your DD214 wouldn’t help you to qualify for a VA loan, because for reservists the DD Form 214 is only issued to document your active duty training, and active duty training doesn’t qualify as active duty time for a VA loan. If you enlisted in the reserve but were activated, qualifying shifts back to the active duty rules mentioned above–if you completed your term of active duty service, it doesn’t matter if it was two months or 2 years, then you would qualify with just your DD214. Your reserve time would become irrelevant regarding qualifying for the VA loan, and you would just need to provide the VA with Certified Copies of your DD 214.

If you were in the Army National Guard (ARNG) or Air National Guard, the rules are the same as for reservists–you must show six creditable years. If you were ARNG or ANG, you show this by providing the VA with copies of your NGB Form 22 (National Guard Bureau Form 22). This only applies if you were never activated. If you were activated, then the rules revert to the active duty rules mentioned above–namely, if you were activated and completed the full term of active duty service, it doesn’t matter if it was 3 weeks or 3 years, then you qualify for the VA loan with your active duty time, which you prove to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) with copies of your DD214. If you were ARNG or ANG and had a Form DD 214 showing your Basic Training and AIT, this won’t qualify you for a VA loan, because, again, active duty training (ADT) isn’t counted as active duty for purposes of qualifying for a VA loan.

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