How We Provide Expedited DD214’s

Over 100 million Official Military Personnel Files are stored at the Federal Military Records Center. We have been approved researchers at the Records Center for over 15 years. We are authorized to visit the Center in-person and request Official Copies of DD214’s through their on-site Research Room. In-person requests are considered High-Priority requests, so we receive our documents in days, instead of months or longer that it takes the Records Center to process routine requests from the public. We have been providing Expedited DD214’s to our customers since 2007, and have many thousands of happy customers.

Why You Should Hire us To Expedite Your DD214’s

Let’s just be honest–government agencies provide good jobs to a lot of good people, but they aren’t known for their efficiency or their customer service. If you order your DD214’s directly from them it will go something like this:

You will submit your request, but receive no estimate of when you will receive your documents. About a month later, when you haven’t received a response from them, you’ll call and wait on hold for a minimum of 90 minutes to talk to someone about your request. When they finally answer they’ll be short with you, and tell you that they have no record of your request, and that you’ll have to submit another one.

You’ll submit the request again, and call them back a month later, and this time they’ll say that you didn’t fill-out their form correctly, or that your signature isn’t clear, or that they can’t find you in their database under the SSN provided. This time you might be tired of hearing their…stuff, and you might ask to speak to a supervisor. They will offer to have one call you back, but, you know the drill, they never will.

When you call back another month later, after waiting on hold for 90 minutes again, they’ll tell you that your request was cancelled, because you didn’t answer when the supervisor “called,” and that your only option is to submit the request again. You will have wasted several months and a lot of your time and gotten nothing but a headache. This is just the reality. There is no accountability, and honestly, they don’t care whether you get your records when you need them or not.

If you need your DD214’s within the next few weeks or so, our advice is to avoid the government agencies, and let us expedite it for you. We will treat you the way we would want to be treated, and we’ll answer when you call, or call you right back if we’re out of the office. We know times are tough, so if you can’t afford the $79, give us a call and we’ll try to work something out. We are normal people, and we run our business like human beings, not machines. Give us a call and we’ll try to help if we can.



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