The National Personnel Records Center is in Phase II of their Reopening Plan. We are open for business, and submitting expedited requests, but the turnaround times are approximately 7-10 days slower than usual. 




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How We Provide Expedited DD214’s

Over 100 million Official Military Personnel Files are stored at the National Personnel Records Center (“NPRC”) in St. Louis, Missouri. We are based in St. Louis,  across the street from the NPRC. As authorized researchers we visit the facility every day, and request Expedited DD214’s through their on-site Research Room. In-person requests are processed as high-priority requests, so we receive them much faster than routine requests through NPRC. We have been providing Expedited DD214’s to our customers since 2007, and have many thousands of happy customers.

How to Get Your DD214 via Email or Online

When we receive Expedited DD214’s through the NPRC Research Room, we bring them back to our office, scan them in, encrypt them with a password, and email them to you. You can then access your DD214’s on your phone or other device, and  pull them up whenever you need them. The NPRC doesn’t provide this service, so the only way to receive Expedited DD214’s digitally, is to order and choose the digital delivery option through our website. We can also ship Expedited DD214’s to you as hard-copies if you choose this option when you order.


Order Now Just $79

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