Getting Your DD214 from a Reputable Expeditor

Veterans of the U.S. military are issued a DD214 upon separation or discharge from active-duty military service. The DD form 214, commonly referred to as the DD214, is a release certificate that verifies active duty time served in the military. Additionally, it contains separation information such as the character of service, the narrative reason for separation, as well as eligibility codes for re-enlistment. The DD214 also contains crucial information such as awards and decorations earned while in service as well as the total creditable active duty time, both at home and overseas.

Why is the DD214 such an important document?

For active duty service members, the DD124 is the most important post-service military document.
The information on the DD214 is used to verify military service for benefits such as medical care, VA loans, education (GI Bill), and various other veteran’s benefits programs. The DD214 is also used to qualify veterans for membership in fraternal organizations like the VFW and American Legion.
How to Request DD214?

Getting Your DD124 or an Official Replacement Copy

The National Personnel Records Center, in St. Louis, handles requests for copies of the Official DD124. They complete most requests within 90 days. The time frame involved depends on factors such the number of requests received each week (the NPRC claims to receive 5000 requests per week), and on factors like the age and condition of the original record.

Expediting the Process

Usually, veterans don’t think of their DD214 until they need it. Maybe they need to go to the VA for medical treatment, and find out at the appointment that they can’t be seen until they have provided the VA with a copy of their DD214. In such cases, hiring an authorized DD124 expeditor reduces the turnaround time from up to 90 days to around seven business days.
At Aardvark Research Group, we have been Authorized DD214 Expeditors since 2007 and have provided expedited DD214’s to over 50,000 happy customers.

The Process in Highlights

When we receive an order through our website, we typically request the DD214 the following morning, in-person, at the National Personnel Records Center. The military personnel file is then searched for, and located on the shelves at the NPRC, and then finally routed to technicians at the NPRC Research Room. The government technicians locate the DD214 in the personnel file, make several official copies of the original document, and then provide them to us, if all goes well, within about seven business days. We then take the official copies back to our office, scan and email digital copies, and mail paper, hard copies to the customer at the address they have provided. If you want to order an expedited copy of your DD214 just click the order now button on the website.
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