Get All of the Benefits you are Entitled to as a Veteran with a DD214

Military veterans are entitled to numerous benefits, both federal and state, including help with retirement and employment and health insurance. Some benefits apply to the veteran while others apply to the veteran’s family. However, there is one thing that is essential for getting the benefits associated with being a veteran and that is a DD214. Here, you will find out all that you need to know about the DD214, what it is, why it is so important and how to get a copy of your DD214.
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What is a DD214?

The DD214 is the short name for a Defense Department (DD) Form Number 214. This form is issued to veterans when they are discharged from active duty. It contains all of the vital information about that veteran’s release. For example, a DD214 will indicate the veteran’s character of service, when they were released from active duty as well as why, how long they served on continuous active duty, their primary military occupational specialty (MOS) and many other details about their military service. This form is a requirement for veterans who want to take advantage of employment preferences for veterans, or who want to access housing, health care, and other benefits. As such, it is evident that every veteran in the country should have Official copies of their DD214 on hand.

How do I order my DD214?

Getting a copy of your DD214 is not difficult. If you didn’t receive a copy of the DD214 after you were discharged, you can order your copy online now.
Many veterans choose to order their DD214 online from the government, but this is a slow route. It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months as the free system relies on mail and fax to receive your signature, so it is best for people who don’t need the DD Form 214 quickly.
If you DO need your DD214 immediately, then another option is to hire an Authorized Research Company that can order your DD214 and provide you with official copies of the original. This accelerated process means that you can start accessing all of the benefits and other financial help associated with being a veteran as soon as possible.
Aardvark Research Group is an authorized expeditor, they can retrieve copies of your DD214 on an expedited basis, and then deliver them as both PDF copies to your email address, and as hard copies right to your door. As well as being very quick, this option means that you can save a copy of the DD214 on your computer, or on a portable storage device, and print-out a copy any time you need one. We provide our customers with two expedited, Official copies of the DD214 form.

4 Simple Steps to order a copy of your DD214

  1. Fill out our online order form as completely as possible-this secure form asks for basic information such as your branch and dates of service etc.
  2. Sign the online order form using your finger or mouse.
  3. Receive an emailed PDF copy of your official DD214 first.
  4. Receive two hard copies of the DD214 form in the mail several days later.
    Our online order form makes it very simple, and fast, to receive Official Copies of your original DD214.

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