Turnaround Times

This table depicts our estimate of the turnaround times for specific DD214’s, based on your branch and dates of service. Please note that requests for other records like Points Statements and NGB22’s can take several days longer. The military being the bureaucracy that it is, sometimes things deviate from the norm, but these estimates will be accurate 99% of the time. The times given represent when we will have the record. You will receive the digital copy via email first, and the paper copies in the mail a day to several days later depending upon where you live and mail delivery in your area. Requests for burial or funeral arrangements can usually be completed in less than 7 business days.

  • Army
  • 1961-Present
    1-7 business days
  • 1916-1960 (Fire-Related Records)
    Approx. 2-8 weeks
  • Navy
  • 1955-1994
    1-7 business days
  • 1995-Present
    14-28 business days
  • 1916-1955
    3-10 business days
  • USAF
  • 1965-2003
    1-7 business days
  • 2004-Present
    1-7 Business days
  • 1916-1964 (Fire-Related)
    Approx.2-8 weeks
  • USMC
  • 1955-1997
    1-7 business days
  • 1916-1955
    3-10 Business days
  • 1998-Present
    14-28 days
  • USCG
  • 1955-Present
    1-7 Business days
  • 1916-1955
    3-10 Business days

Army/Air National Guard
1 day to 4 weeks depending upon dates of service and state of discharge.

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